This depends on the size of the project and how long it takes for the client to make decisions, amongst other things. After our initial meeting an timeframe can be outlined.
You will have an initial meeting with us to discuss your requirements and make sure that you are choosing the right architect for the job. We will discuss your ideas, concepts and our experience in relation to them.
It is best to hire an architect as soon as you are ready to begin designing your construction project. The earlier the better! We are happy to provide rough estimates for the cost of your project and can provide some preliminary designs at the start of the process.
Architects ensure that the work is professionally done and that it meets the requirements of Building Control. Architects help to make sure the building is well-designed and realistic. An architect can also help you find the best builder for your work and can manage the project whilst keeping within your budget.
Architects design and draw plans of buildings which are used in the construction industry. Architects also work on the restoration, conservation and renovation of existing buildings.
  • Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document Phase.